Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SALAM Illinois - Guidelines for Writing to Prisoners

The following important guidelines are provided for letters written to prisoners:
  • do not discuss the prisoner's case
  • do not refer to other prisoners
  • do not write about politically sensitive topics
Here are some additional suggestions:
  • Write your letters in English and preferably by hand.
  • Keep it short. A one paragraph to one-page letter of moral support is enough.
  • If you want a reply or be pen pal with a prisoner, write your address inside the letter.
  • Do NOT discuss his/her legal case, politics, the legal system or other issues that may be hurtful or emotionally distressing for the prisoner.
  • Do NOT send other items, such as money, stamps, envelopes or paperclips and do NOT tape the envelope shut.
  • Write your letter from the heart.
  • You can send artworks, post cards, greetings cards etc as well.
For additional guidance and suggestions, please be in touch with the SALAM Illinois Outreach Coordinator indicated for the prisoner.

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