Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SALAM Illinois Outreach Coordinators

SALAM Illinois "outreach coordinators" are people who write regularly to a given prisoner, and who are in a position to accept and respond to queries from others who wish to correspond with that prisoner.

Contact Joe Scarry, the general coordinator for SALAM Illinois, at jtscarry@yahoo.com if you or your organization wants to be an outreach coordinator for a prisoner.

Outreach Coordinators for individual prisoners are introduced below.

Reem Jayyousi is a student at Wayne State University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She is a twenty-one year old Arab American, who was born in California and has lived in America for most of her life. Her father is Palestinian and her mother is Egyptian. She is the daughter of Kifah Jayyousi, a political prisoner who is currently being held in one of America’s “little Gitmo’s”. She is one of Kifah’s five children, together with her two sisters (ages fifteen and sixteen) and twin brothers (age twenty-six).   Coordinator for: Kifah Jayyousi.

Joe Scarry is an IT consultant and antiwar activist based in Chicago. He is a member of St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square, and a participant in Chicago World Can't Wait, Midwest Antiwar Mobilization, and local other activist groups. He is currently working to spur the development of a nationwide network of grassroots anti-drones group. His blog is Scarry Thoughts. Email: jtscarry@yahoo.com  Coordinator for: Ghassan Elashi, Jeffrey Leon Battle, Eljvir Duka.

Joe Scarry is also the general coordinator for SALAM Illinois. Contact him at jtscarry@yahoo.com if you or your organization wants to be a supporter of SALAM Illinois.

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